Covid-19: the difficulties caused by online sales

The containment engendered by Covid-19 around the world has caused the exposure of online activities, in this case online sales. This explosion of online sales is causing disputes between large companies as well as with consumers. Read on to find out more about what's really going on. Shopping on the line can cause betraying, from the false sellers.

Fraud and Abuse Exposed

At the start of the Covid-19 global health crisis, disinfection and protection products were flowing. Thus, online sales were beginning. The big e-commerce powers saw their turnover explode, as did some insurance, banking and airline websites.
Fraud and abuse on the part of these powers have been observed with regret. This is thanks to Signal Conso, a mobile application set up by the state. Consumers have made a lot of demands of the government regarding these blunders. These requests have increased by 30% in one year.
Moreover, it is not only the big online trading powers that are being blamed. It should be noted that the number of reports that were directly linked to Covid-19 is around five thousand. The prices of these are largely exaggerated. Indeed, hydro alcoholic gels and masks, as well as other products, have seen their prices increase exponentially.

Multiplying Internet Connection Problems

Fibre optics is also at the center of several problems. The Internet connection is the subject of grandiose controversy on an international scale. It is a very complex problem that boils down to the technical level. An explosive number of French people have moved to this fibre because of teleworking.
The major operators are using much of the existing connection. This has considerably affected other consumers of the Internet network. Also, malfunctions have been noted in the systems. You have to make your connection top and your true information before a think about the online shopping.