Eshima Ohashi: the bridge that terrifies drivers

Japan's Eshima Ohashi Bridge is among the world's most terrifying bridges. Practitioners of this bridge take it with all the fear. The peak of its descent is at 6.1%. This makes this Japanese Bridge the scariest bridge in the world. Created in 1997, it was only inaugurated in 2004. Read on for more details about the bridge that terrifies drivers, and you will be more and more informed.

A bridge with dizzying slopes

Eshima Ohashi is a bridge that has slope after slope. This succession of slopes scares drivers. At 1.6 km long, it is the 3rd largest bridge on the planet. Indeed, the succession of slopes in question is what makes this bridge so frightening for drivers over a long period of time. That's all it takes to make you dizzy.
Motorists who use this bridge drive very carefully. They also strictly observe the safety measures taken to avoid possible accidents. These are measures imposed by the authorities in view of the dangerous nature of these slopes. But what is surprising is that this bridge is known for its safety measures, which particularly prevent accidents from occurring.
However, crossing this bridge does not give a pleasant feeling. Even at low speeds, the conditions are less, but not reassuring. The main thing is to have one's heart in the right place.

Such a miraculous bridge for what purpose?

Many people, especially drivers, ask why build a bridge with so many slopes. But this work is good for practical reasons, otherwise it would not be built like this. In fact, one of the main reasons for this bridge with steep slopes is to reduce disruption to shipping.
Very large ships pass under Eshima Ohashi. So it would have to be at a height that is favourable to shipping.

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