Major powers raise their voices over bloody crackdowns in Burma

Increased repression accompanied by bloody violence in Burma has provoked much reaction from around the world, including from major world powers. US President Joe Biden and the European Union have condemned the Burmese army for using weapons against unarmed civilians. Read that article and you will be more informed about major powers raise their voices over bloody crackdowns in Burma.

An act described as inhumane and grave

Since protests began in Burma, the army has used live ammunition to counter protesters. This has been described as a "grave" act of inhumanity by the powers that be. A total of 40 people were killed in nine different parts of the country. Burma's largest city, Rangoon, is also being used as a site of protest and repression.
Live fire from the Burmese force has also been directed at residential areas. As a result, a considerable number of civilians have lost their lives. Among the civilians killed are children under the age of 16. This is enough to make the fact that the military regime is shooting children in cold blood a reason to call the act "grave inhumanity".
On Saturday 27 March, Myawaddy TV reported that 45 people were killed and an exorbitant 552 arrested. The Burmese army is in charge of the channel.

Twelve countries condemn defence leaders

The massacre rocking Burma has drawn the attention of major powers like Germany, Japan, Britain and the United States. Twelve heads of the defence forces of these countries have condemned the violence, in which civilians are victims in large numbers.
The British government, through its Foreign Secretary, has warned British nationals in Burma to leave the country quickly. This warning comes in the aftermath of major violence recorded with enormous damage.