The virtues of cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is a vinegar that stands out from the rest of the vinegar. Its virtues are multiple. This vinegar contains many enzymes and essential acids, rich in potassium and mineral salts. Through this content, discover some benefits of cider vinegar on the human body.

It Makes Hair Softer

Many are amazed at this virtue of cider vinegar. The virtues of this vinegar reach to the hair and make it more beautiful. It repairs and strengthens the hair. For hair that is caught, greasy, or cases of hair loss, vinegar is a better solution to use.
Indeed, to use it for hair care, it is necessary to dilute it in rinse water preferably and to make the heating. The amount of water should be two thirds of the total amount after mixing with vinegar. Then apply it after heating. It is recommended applying it after shampooing without rinsing the hair.

Fighting Acne

Apple vinegar helps to counteract acne. Thanks to its components, it protects the skin against inflammation, and improves the quality of the skin. And so, to God, pimples. To remove these blemishes from the skin, you need to mix vinegar with water in equal amounts.
Once the mixture has been made, it should be applied to the parts of the face that are sensitive to blemishes. This includes the nose, chin, pimples and dark areas. The application must be made in the morning and evening to benefit from its effects. Do not forget to dilute the vinegar with water to avoid potential irritation.

Alleviate Haemorrhoidal Pain

This is not new to anyone. One of the great virtues of cider vinegar is its strength against haemorrhoids. It is used as a natural grandmother's remedy to soothe them and gradually make the haemorrhoids disappear.
For external haemorrhoids, it should be applied externally by gently tapping the area with a cotton swab dipped in the vinegar. If it stings too much, dilute with water.
For internal haemorrhoids, dilute it a little in water and drink it regularly